Challenges to start a blog
Challenges to start a blog

Top 5 challenges to start blogging

I am going to be sharing the top 5 challenges to start blogging that I have faced when I embark on this new journey.

What’s my expertise?

This really in the deal breaker, and hence on top of my list.

“My hidden talent is hidden so perfectly that I haven’t found it yet!”

Can you relate to this statement? I can, but trust me, there is no point waiting for finding your hidden talent. Those who found it already, well consider them lucky, we on the other hand: Not So Much!! But like I said, it doesn’t matter, as long as we are determined to learn something new and share our learning with the world. There are a very few people who are an expert in their field, others are still following their passion with the hope and belief that one day, they will be an expert. So don’t wait any longer, Start today and commit to the journey with a goal to learn something new every single day.

Its too technical:

Trust me, I had this idea on what to start a blog about a few weeks ago. But there is too much information available online to find the right one. Its like finding a needle in a haystack and most people give up with the thought that they don’t have the time to do the research. With all these jargons floating around related to blogging, we get scared that this is probably not for us. We start to believe that this is for those techie types who know it all. Luckily for you, that’s what this blog is about, this is my journey. So essentially I will going through that technical stuff and will try to simplify it for us.

Should I invest in purchasing the domain and hosting or start with the free platforms:

And that’s the 3rd challenge. Although the domains and hosting plans are quite affordable these days, some people(including me) fear that the investment may go to waste if they fail to develop the interest. Let me tell you my personal experience. We value something more if we have paid for it versus if we get it for free. The same rule applies to blogging. If I invest some money in this interest, chances are that I will relatively pursue this with seriousness. Some may even call this an investment to a business but lets not call it a business yet. Its a journey for me and I want to treat it as an
investment to learn something new.

Time management:

Most people start blogging as a hobby with the intent to understand whether people are able to connect with them. And as we know, a hobby usually suffers when we are stretched thin with more work load at our day jobs. This results in not being able to find enough time to be regular on your blog. I think the best possible way to mitigate this challenge is time management. If we can manage our time better, we will get regular. One way to achieve this is to link it to our interest. In my case, I am linking this to my learning journey to understand blogging, its nuances and learning a few things every week so that I can share my learnings with others.

Motivation to keep going:

We all start with a goal, for some it may be fame for others it could be money. One thing we need to realize is that every goal needs patience and perseverance. If we can keep ourselves motivated, we will be able to achieve those goals for us.

One way to overcome this challenge is to set smaller milestones for your journey. For instance, publishing 5 articles and reaching out to a 100 people in the first month. It may seem a very tiny target but think again, we are starting new and if we are able to publish 5 posts on our blog , reach out to 100 people in the first month of our blogging journey, that’s an achievement and it’s a realistic target. These smaller milestones will keep us motivated in the long run and as we gain more experience and knowledge we can push our boundaries. So now you know, what’s my target for this month!!

I know there could be a lot of other challenges in this journey, but I thought its worth starting with the initial challenges for blogging. I am just getting started and I am ready to take them on!! Are you?

Do tell me in the comments below, if you feel that these are the challenges you are able to relate to?

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